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Fingal Beach Surf Lifesaving Club



The surf lifesaving club was established on August 23, 1964 when a group of people recognized the need for a patrolled beach following the increase in population at Fingal Bay and influx of tourists, created by the addition of a caravan park.

After some discussion on which beach should be patrolled, Fingal or Zenith, the foundations for the club were established where you can find it today.

The longest-serving member at Fingal Beach, whose signature you will find on the first committee meeting minutes from 1964, is Eddy Bergsma.

A patrolling member for over 50 years who dug the foundations of the original clubhouse, he has seen a lot of changes with the club, Fingal Bay itself, and in surf lifesaving.


Fingal Beach is a protected beach accessed directly off Marine Drive Fingal Bay. The beach is ideal for the family to swim and surf and is just a short walk to Fingal Bay Holiday Park. Fingal Beach has a modern Clubhouse which is home to both Volunteer and Professional Lifeguards. The Club has amazing views of the ocean, National Park and coastline.

  • Kiosk / Cafe

  • Restaurant (closed until further notice)

  • Barbeque & picnic areas

  • Children's playground

  • Toilets

  • Disabled toilets

  • Showers

  • Car parking


The safest place to swim at the beach is between the red and yellow flags.
Mark a reference point on the shore, to avoid drifting.
Always read The Surf Conditions Board.
If you think conditions are too rough for you, don't go in.
Always swim with a friend, never alone.
Swim parallel to and not away from the shore when you swim long distances.
Swim in well-lit areas, so you can be seen if you get into trouble.
For your safety, leave the water immediately when requested by a lifeguard


The Beachsafe website informs the public of current information and conditions for the beach, hazards you might find and services available at that location.

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