On line component

To expedite proceedings it is required that all patrolling members complete the on line component of the proficiency, this should take at most 10 Minutes to do.  

NOTE: It is important that each patrolling member logs onto the Portal as the results are recorded against the individual’s log in.

Proficiency On-line Component

  • Log onto Members Portal

  • (Select) Courses

  • (Select) Login to E-learning

  • (Select) Training Library

  • (Select) SLS-Skills Maintenance: 3 courses to enrol in & complete:

  • (Select) SLS Skills maintenance resuscitation

  • (Select) SLS Skills maintenance Radio

  • (Select) SLS Skills maintenance Power craft (IRB) NOTE: only if you are an IRB Driver or Crew

For this component I can/will run a report from Surf guard that tells me everyone who has completed the relevant components. If you haven’t completed your on line component you will not be deemed proficient.

At your proficiency

Sign in.  There will be presentations that will go for approx. 20 – 30 mins (depending on the numbers you will be broken up into groups for the practical)

The Practical will consist of the following:

  • Communications and patrol shed awareness (Refresher),

  • CPR

  • Spinal and ARTC (Practical)

  • Run Swim Run

  • Board and Tube rescue

  • Scenario

  • For those qualified

  • IRB crew/driver