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Under 6's Surf Play 1 

Knowing way around surf club and beach; basic safety principles on the beach and in the water; sun safety principles; identifying surf lifesavers and their role; identifying safest place to swim; developing confidence in the water through wading activities; identifying marine creatures; beach flags, sprints, relays and games.


Under 7's Surf Play 2 

Basic safety principles on the beach and in the water; sun safety; lifesaver roles; basic beach signals; identifying red and yellow flags; identification of dangerous surf conditions; developing confidence in the water through run/wade activities; beach flags, sprint, relays and games.

Under 8's Surf Aware 1

Understanding surf lifesaving in Australia; feeling safe at the beach; beach ecosystems; Sunsmart principles; recognising swimmers in trouble; recognising emergency situations; how to dial 000 in emergencies; understanding red and yellow flags; paddling and catching waves on boards; wading, dolphin-diving; beach flags, sprints and relays.

Under 9's Surf Aware 2

Identifying personal safety networks; environmental impacts on the beach; importance of hydratoin/nugrtion/exercise; identifying different types of waves; dangers with changing tides; recognising emergencies and dialling 000; nipper board techniques; body surfing techniques; beach runs, sprints, flags and relays. 

Under 10's Surf Safe 1

Personal safety; understanding natural water cycle; water recycling; sunsmart principles; how rips are formed, what they look like and how to escape; basic resuscitation; signals; identifying unsafe behaviours at the beach; nipper board techniques; assisting distressed swimmers; introduction to rescue tubes; beach sports.

Under 11's Surf Safe 2

Personal safety; energy conservation; identifying 'at-risk' people; principles of DRSABCD; basic first aid; CPR techniques; beach safety signage; nipper board techniques; surf swimming techniques; beach sprints; iron-person races; Cameron relay races.

Under 12's Surf Smart 1

Rights and responsibilities as a SLS member; weather effects on beach environment; managing rip currents; understanding the human body; first aid techniques; CPR techniques; beach signals; role of beach patrol; rescuing persons on a board; diving under waves; swim techniques; beach race technqiues

Under 13's Surf Smart 2

Basic principles of SLSA membership; global warming and climate change; minimising cross-infection when helping someone; beach safety tips; human body functioning; CPR and first aid technqiues; communication with beach users; board skills; surf swimming skills; rescue with rescue tube; run/swim/run events.

Nippers is NOT a learn to swim program, however, children will be encouraged to develop confidence in and around the surf.  No child will be forced to complete any activity they do not feel comfortable doing.  Please refer to the Swim Proficiency Link to see the swimming requirements for each age group.

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